YMMV / Till Eulenspiegel

  • Adaptation Displacement: Many people regard De Coster's heavily altered version as the "real" Till Eulenspiegel. Such people for instance criticised a comic series by West German publisher Rolf Kauka based on the German tradition for "ignoring" Till's role as an actively fighting freedom-fighter against the Spanish oppression of the Netherlands.
  • Older Than They Think: At least for those who hold De Coster's version to be the "true" one. Till Eulenspiegel lived in the 14th century and the first book recounting his adventures was published at least 15 years before the date of birth given by De Coster.
  • Squick: Once he shared a meal with a peasant woman. So Till, er, "added" some of his snot to the meal - the woman lost her appetite, and he could eat all of it alone.