YMMV / Ticker

  • Cliché Storm: The lead protagonist is a grizzled cop with a Dark and Troubled Past? Check. The main bad guy constantly makes jokes and puns about his work? Check. The bombs are constantly stopped with only a second or two to spare? Check. The key to stopping the villain is a woman who will only speak with the main character on the grounds that she's too afraid to trust anyone else? Check... albeit with a subversion in the end, since she betrays the cops, then kills Swann and takes over as the main villain.
  • Fight Scene Failure: Most of the fight scenes aren't actually too bad by the standards of such a cheap movie, but they're let down by the very poor editing, to the extent where the climatic fight scene makes it look like Glass shoots Nettles dead at one point.
  • Stock Footage Failure: The film's usage of stock footage is so incredibly inept that that even Ed Wood would likely be shaking his head. Just to name the most glaring example, the scene of Swann's death via car bomb appears to change from some docks to outside an office block, then back to the docks, and finally to a large, grassy park.