YMMV / Three Days Grace

  • Contested Sequel: Transit of Venus is either their best album, or them selling out to mainstream pop.
  • Critical Dissonance: Like Seether, they generally garner mixed reviews from music critics. However, among music fans, they're actually one of the more well regarded post-grunge bands in existence.
  • Epic Riff: Just about all of their songs, though "Just Like You," "Pain," "Animal I Have Become," and "Break" stand out.
  • Face of the Band: Adam, of course, which the label and/or manager seems to be aware of.
  • Fan Vid: A popular target of them, mainly with tracks from their second album "One-X", but a couple of songs in recent years such as "I Am Machine" and "Painkiller" seem to be somewhat popular with fan videos.
  • Fridge Brilliance: "Pain" could be taken as either wangsty, vaguely masochistic or Word Salad. Taken in the context of Adam's painkiller addiction, the lyric "I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all" takes on a new light...
  • Friendly Fandoms: With the Breaking Benjamin fanbase, as both have similar styles and are big Fan Vid bait.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The last single "The High Road" is about looking for a way out which was followed by Gontier quitting the band, especially if you think of it as Adam singing it to the other members
  • Mondegreen: "World So Cold"'s lyric "Living in a shell with a soul" has been misheard as "living in a shower with no soap."
  • Narm: The music video for "Animal I Have Become" is full of this, with pathetic CG effects in a failed attempt to make a Nightmare Face, but the pinnacle of narm is near the end when a camera slowly pans up to reveal a woman with the same face, only to suddenly zoom in with a bad Screen Shake effect as Adam gives a hilariously overacted scream.
    • Some songs during Adam Gontier's time with the band can come across as this due to his habit of yelling his lyrics in an emphatic manner during parts of the song, usually the chorus. It's mostly prevalent in their earlier works, but you can find examples of it even on Life Starts Now. See Punctuated! For! Emphasis! and Suddenly SHOUTING! on the Main page.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Music Videos
  • Replacement Scrappy: Brad's brother Matt Walst, singer for My Darkest Days has already received this reaction after it was announced he'd be filling in for vocal duties on the tours following Adam Gontier's resignation from the band. That is if the re-recordings with his voice are anything to go by. It's also not helped with several statements that seem to indicate hostility towards Adam, and the first single under Matt-led TDG being "Painkiller", knowing Adam's infamous Oxycontin addiction, or the fact that MDD are most known for the incredibly obscene #1 "Porn Star Dancing".
  • Signature Song: Probably "I Hate Everything About You", with "Animal I Have Become" offering a challenge to the title (they even finish some shows with it).
    • "Never Too Late" could also be in the running considering it was a big pop hit.
    • "Break" did fairly well on rock radio, and seems to be one of their most-liked songs in recent years.
  • Wangst: Their early work, particularly "Drown".