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YMMV: Thief of Time
  • Strangled by the Red String: At the end, Susan Sto Helit and Lobsang Ludd begin to talk as though they have mutual feelings for each other, and (it's implied) begin a romantic relationship. However, there has been nothing vaguely romantic in their interactions up to that point which is odd, because there was a blossoming awkward romance between Jeremy and Myria/ Unity, and Susan was quite taken with the idea of "someone like her" throughout the book. Obviously Sir Terry had a romance in mind from the start, but didn't put in any kind of hints when the two actually met face to face.
  • Uncanny Valley: Lady LeJean looks impossibly beautiful (being an idealization of the most beautiful image of a woman ever made on the Disc). If that isn't enough to put her solidly in the Valley, because she's basically a Meat Puppet for something that has no understanding of human existence, she moves wrong at all levels. Instead of her face moving from expression to expression, is sort of goes from expression to expression without her features going through the intermediate stages. However, with her Character Development, it's almost certain she gets over this as time goes by.
    • Much more the case with the other embodied Auditors, who build blandly-nondescript bodies but can't move in them naturally like real humans.

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