YMMV / Them or Us

  • Esoteric Happy Ending - Danny helps the last Unchanged live just a little bit longer.
    • Fridge Logic - It's heavily implied, throughout the series, that if there's any logic behind the Hate Plague, aside from Mother Nature's population control, then it's that the Haters are regressing back to their tribal, primitive, feral-animal selves. Regressing in order to actually live life to its fullest before dying an inevitable death, and that the Unchanged want to keep them shackled to a bullshit prison planet, wasting away in a living death and wasting the extremely short time anyone has with this gift of life by engaging in extraneous bullshit such as fill_in_the_blank (whatever you don't like about society at large, for instance David Moody and Danny McCoyne seem to dislike consumerism and materialism). The word "bullshit" is used several times not just in connection to the Unchanged, but also in connection to people who can hold the hate. For instance the other Hateholder in this book tries to explain why Danny should help the Unchanged, which even Danny calls bullshit... at first. It makes any Hateholder seem like a potential, domesticated pet for the Unchanged oppressors. Hater children embrace the Hate more than adults, and act like animals more than the adults. They lose their ability for speech and don't need adults for anything, sort of like any wild animal who comes out the womb, learns to walk on all fours, finishes suckling, and then takes off to hunt alone. The younger they are, the stronger they are, and the less they need other people. Needing other people is bullshit. Not only is a complex, global, societal hierarchy considered bullshit, but any sort of even the most simple, primitive tribe, or simple group of humans, or family unit or marriage, is destined to implode eventually and make everyone miserable in the meantime in a living death. Bullshit equals death. So, in short, David Moody seems to be saying that Danny McCoyne is choosing bullshit and death over life by helping the Unchanged rather than using his remaining time for satisfying peace. The last image — two Unchanged children fighting over a can of soda — seems to underscore this logic.
      • Furthermore, it's constantly believed that, once every single last Unchanged is completely gone, the Hate will leave, as well, and the war will be over and everyone can live a peaceful life of love. So Danny's assistance to the Unchanged shows that he wants to prolong the war and misery for his own kind.
  • Foe Yay - Hinchecliffe and Danny.