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YMMV: Them
  • One-Scene Wonder - Fess Parker as the pilot-witness; landed him his role as Davey Crockett.
  • Special Effects Failure - Compared to today's slick CGI, the ants look dated, but the giant models were impressive for their time, albeit slow-moving. One reason most of the following giant-thing movies were so bad is that pretty much all of them used clumsy super-imposed images to serve as the monster.
    • Nothing Is Scarier - Much of the beginning of the film shows only the aftermath of the ants' attacks. We see only the damage they have caused and a few bodies, one of which is filled with acid and chewed to bits. This helped build up their menace prior to them turning up on screen.
  • Hell Is That Noise - The noise that the ants make is extremely chilling.

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