YMMV / The Young Victoria

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The Duchess of Kent. Is she just a pawn of Sir John's scheming, and has she let her desire for power forget her love for her daughter? Or was her softening towards the end less a Heel Realization and a moment of pragmatism - trying to get on the Queen's good side? Notably the letters she sends Victoria during their estrangement could be read as sincere, or emotional blackmail.
  • Award Snub: Many was surprised that Emily Blunt did not get an Oscar nomination. As a highly respected actress who has never conformed to traditional Oscar Bait, many felt the Academy would recognise her for this one.
  • Catharsis Factor: The King's "Reason You Suck" Speech in public to the Duchess of Kent is magnificent, after she's spent her screentime being a pompous, silly and manipulative piece of work. Bonus points for it actually happening too.
  • Cliché Storm: Deliberately averted, according to Word of God. Early ideas included ending the film with Albert's death, but Julian Fellowes wanted to avoid such a cliche of biopics.
  • Funny Moments: After being instructed by their uncle Leopold about Victoria's tastes, Albert greets her at their first meeting and awkwardly shoehorns in that he was reading her favorite novel on the way. His brother elbows him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Jim Broadbent has now played Queen Victoria's uncle and husband.
    • Written into the film, where Victoria says she doesn't want too large a family. They ended up having nine children.