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YMMV: The Wotch
  • Les Yay: Just a tad.
  • Mary Sue: Critics of the comic accuse Anne of being this. Citations include being the Author Avatar, the most powerful character in the cast, and being able to overcome powerful enemies and obstacles with minimal effort. Also, the consequences of her actions, no matter how dire, are usually brushed off, forgotten (thanks in part to Tandy Gardens having the attention span of a bag of peanuts), or seen as a benefit rather than a detriment.
  • Moral Event Horizon: What Miranda did to Ivan. Possibly averted, as she's shown some genuine conflict with her decision. In particular, the fact that she not only included Ivan but also two innocent bystanders as part of the "punishment" more or less ruins any chance she had at sympathy. It doesn't help that she tries to hold Ivan accountable for their predicament, given that she never gave a straight hint that her curse would afflict potential bystanders.

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