YMMV / The Wild Geese

  • Adaptation Displacement: The film is much more well known than the book. Hell, the book was only published when the film came out.
  • Fair for Its Day: The portrayal of the outrageously swish medic. In spite of being Camp Gay almost to the point of parody, he is portrayed as a brave and capable soldier. Even more surprisingly, the other soldiers all seem to know about his sexuality, and not one of them makes a fuss about it. The closest we get to discrimination is him being called a "faggot" once, by the drill sergeant who calls another man a "fuckin' abortion" ten seconds later.
    • Any attempt at seeing a racist Boer's side of things would be impossible today. Modern audiences would be strictly on the side of Limbani.
  • He Really Can Act: Right in the middle of his stint as James Bond, Roger Moore starred as Daniel Craig's version of Bond, ie a hard, cold badass. His first scene where he forces a drug dealer to overdose on his own product is quite unnerving to people used to his foppish, debonair Bond.
  • Sequelitis: Wild Geese II was an In-Name-Only sequel that sank without trace.