YMMV / The Way of Kings

YMMV tropes for The Way of Kings. YMMV tropes for the entire Stormlight Archive are here.
  • Genius Bonus: The number 10 is used as a Numerological Motif throughout The Way Of Kings, and the concept of symmetry shows up repeatedly as having religious, cultural and magical significance. The book is 1001 pages long. The best part is, that was not, in fact, originally intended. It wasn't until they were finishing up the book that it became clear that it might be possible and Sanderson modified it to fit, considering the opportunity too delicious to miss.
  • Magnificent Bastard: High Prince Sadeas. Especially when it comes to his betrayal of Dalinar. So bastardly, yet so magnificent!
    • Dalinar even lampshades Sadeas as a Magnificent Bastard prior to the actual betrayal, because he thinks Sadeas has betrayed him. It was really Sadeas making his first moves toward the true betrayal.
    Dalinar: I've been outmaneuvered. Brilliantly.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Sadeas crosses it when he seizes a chance to get Dalinar killed by the Parshendi. It fails (narrowly), but a ton of Dalinar's men are slaughtered in the process.
  • Shocking Swerve: The true identity of Szeth's master. Who saw that coming?
  • Wangst: Kaladin is a walking tower of this who seems to hit the Despair Event Horizon every third page he's on. Even he calls himself out on it several times, and Syl doing it inspires him to finally start trusting in the future.
    • Though you can't really blame him given... well... everything. It's pretty clear that he had clinical depression long before everyone he cared about started dying (long periods of complete apathy and simlar) and are shades of Seasonal Affective Disorder as well.
    He recognized what was happening to him, this melancholy, this sense of despair. It had taken him often when he'd been younger, most frequently during the weeks of the Weeping, when the sky was hidden by clouds.