YMMV: The Wasp

  • Base Breaker: Enough to cross into Love It or Hate It territory. Some fans (and writers) really love Jan; others, not so much. This is especially thanks to her brief time as the team leader which established her ability to be mature and serious, but was so brief that a lot of fans don't remember or don't care for it. Even her Earth's Mightiest Heroes version got this, with some declaring her the best character on the team due to being a fun detirminator and The Heart of the team, while others decrying her the worst due to being the weakest of the cast.
  • Broken Base: The fact she won't be Wasp in the Ant-Man film and she will be dead at the start of the film was not well received. This makes her the only founding Avenger to not be a mover and shaker in the film series. This led to the Twitter hashtag #JanetVanCrime.
  • Breakup Breakout: To some extent. Her divorce from Henry had him become infamous for domestic abuse, while she instead went on to become the leader of the Avengers, who's time as leader is only second to Captain America himself.
  • Dork Age: Janet's mutated form during the 1990s is considered one of the most obvious examples of the insipid writing on the Avengers from that decade.