YMMV / The War of the Ancients

  • Character Shilling: To some the trilogy goes overboard in building up Jarod Shadowsong as a great hero. While he does have amazing tactical abilities, the fact that demigods place themselves under his command and "... his mere presence inspires people to obey him with greater swiftness" is very Narmy to some. He even manages to never let it go to his head, and gets to peacefully retire afterwards while everyone else is helping rebuilding.
  • Complete Monster: Azshara, the Light of Lights (who also has a brief cameo in WoW: Cataclysm), is the former ancient queen of the Night Elves who, in her endless goal to obtain power and perfection, nearly led all of Azeroth to total ruin. 10,000 years ago, Azshara used her magic to enthrall her people to love her without question while also seeking to purify the world of any she deemed imperfect, who included all but herself and her Highborne servants. While attempting to enact this purification with the power of the Well of Eternity, she caught the attention of Sargeras, creator of the Omnicidal Burning Legion. When he offered to aid in her goal in exchange for allowing his armies to rampage over Azeroth, Azshara agreed without question. Her actions to satisfy her own limitless vanity led to the War of the Ancients, the deaths of countless innocents, and the breaking of the entire world. Azshara then makes a deal with the Old Gods, who turn her and her servants into the first naga. As their Empress, Azshara can be held directly responsible for every atrocity committed by the naga in WarCraft 3 and WoW.
  • What an Idiot: Queen Azshara seems unaware that the Burning Legion is planning on annihilating all life despite abundant evidence to the contrary. In fact, she honestly comes off like she's on drugs the entire time. To be fair, Sargeras more or less hypnotizes those who speak with him, and Highborn magic IS a drug.
    • She's aware, she just doesn't care. She also assumes that she and her servants will be spared.