YMMV / The War Gods

  • Ear Worm: The Lay of Bahzell Bloody-Hand is set to one, to Bahzell's great dismay.
  • Fridge Logic: Although it's frequently emphasized in the text that no form of power is inherently evil and that it's only the methods that make dark wizardry evil, there seems to be no incentive for wizards to stay 'white,' since there are no 'good' institutions to counterbalance the Church of Carnadosa. The only representative of white wizardry is Wencit of Rum, and he seems to have no interest in taking apprentices or forming a new White Wizard academy (even though a similar institution exists for magi;) he's much too busy going around and executing wizards on the spot without any opportunity to reform. The practice of wizardry is also described as so seductive that those born with the talent cannot resist using it. And since it's illegal in every country in the world, you can't exactly join a support group for it. So essentially, if you are born with any kind of wizard power, you have no other options besides joining the Church of Carnadosa, practicing blood magic, and eventually getting killed by Wencit of Rum. Nice.
    • To be fair, it is apparently possible for someone to have the wizard gift and not consciously use it (both Leeana Bowmaster and Trisu of Lorham are implied to be gifted without actually being wizards). This still doesn't excuse Wencit failing to make any attempt to start an academy, take an apprentice, or do something to revive White Wizardry.
    • It's implied in a few places that people really, really distrust Wizards, even White Wizards, with Wencit being the sole exception. So it might be that while Wencit would be willing to take on some apprentices or open a school he is concerned about the public reaction should he choose to do so.
    • It's hinted he has decided not to, and most people who would be wizards may become mages. But it's heavily hinted a new Wild Wizard is coming and that will change things.
    • In the books at least one of the Magi has the opinion that Wencit has decided not to try and train any new White Wizards on the grounds that Wizardry in general is to powerful for anyone to be trusted with. Or to put it another way, the more people who know how to practice Wizardry the easier it becomes for someone who would misuse it to get training. The one group he does share the information with are the Magi since apparently it's impossible for a Magi to become a Wizard.