YMMV: The War At Home

  • Growing the Beard: Season one was not well liked by most critics, but season two had better reception, mainly due to how well Kenny's Coming-Out Story was handled.
  • Values Dissonance: When Hilary gets rejected from colleges repeatedly, she is convinced to go join the army. When her parents think of it as an absurd idea, she yells at them, ‘What’s wrong with giving back to your country, you traitors?!’ At the end of the episode she does get accepted into a decent college, and thinks that enlisting was an idiotic idea. This episode might seem fairly normal to Americans, but in Israel, which has Conscription because of its continuous armed conflict, dodging the draft is almost akin to treason, Hilary’s fervent defence of her will to enlist is basically mainstream discourse there, and the idea of enlisting being a senseless decision would come across as infuriating and sacrilegious.