YMMV: The Visit

The Play:

  • Magnificent Bastard: Claire She ruined the town of Guellen herself, by buying up all the big businesses and shutting them down, so that by the time she'd came by they'd do anything for her money...
  • Nightmare Fuel: Everything about the eunuchs.

The Movie (unrelated):

  • Nightmare Fuel: Grandma's scratching at the walls and laughing at nothing, Grandpa is messing with his gun and there's something weird in the shed, and Mom's far away and doesn't believe you when you say something's wrong.
  • Win Back the Crowd: What M. Night Shyamalan is attempting to do with another horror movie featuring children. Although the film is apparently being labeled as "horror/comedy". Maybe because his recent films weren't taken ver seriously, so if people go in with the idea that it's meant to be funny...