YMMV / The Velveteen Rabbit

  • Tear Jerker / Nightmare Fuel: The conflict of the book: the boy gets Scarlet fever. Try being a small child (unaware of the concept of anti-biotics or the fact that the disease is now rare and treatable, etc.) hearing or reading the story and finding out that a character around your age has a disease, it is possibly fatal and afterwards his toys are burned.
    • Yes, the rabbit becomes real and is saved, yay! All the boy's other toys that could talk to one another, now...
      • Special mention to the Skin Horse, the Rabbit's only friend, who has been stuck in that room for God knows how long and still isn't Real (even though he thinks he is, and he too was once loved in much the same way the Rabbit was) and he is unlikely to ever become Real, thanks to the new mechanical toys.