YMMV / The Unit

  • Awesome Music: The series' main theme, Fired Up (Feels Good).
  • Critical Research Failure: A LHD vehicle in Hong Kong.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The episode where the hometown of the main characters is attacked by terrorists who flood the area with deadly chlorine gas. The things we see are horrific, and the extended implications even moreso. Hundreds, if not thousands die. Now just imagine if it happened to you.
  • One-Scene Wonder: David Rees Snell as Leon Drake, super-terrorist.
  • Strawman Political: The liberal anti-war college professor whom was given a Easy Evangelism verbal beatdown from Tiffy.
    • The aid worker in a Season 4 episode about transporting an Afghan child bride to another tribe. She is obsessed with the girl's plight and the lives of potentially hundreds of American soldiers mean nothing to her.