YMMV / The Ugly Truth

  • Cliché Storm: A beautiful, virtually flawless woman who believes in true love encounters a Straw Misogynist man who sets her up with a perfect, handsome man to prove a point. Over the course of the story, the first man develops feelings for the woman against his better judgement, and it's discovered that his beliefs are only due to bad experiences with women in the past. The second man leaves the picture and the woman and first man confess their love for each other at a public festival after an awkward experience, where their kiss happens to be seen by everyone. They live Happily Ever After.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The general consensus among those who don't think it's just plain bad. It's a painfully by-the-numbers romantic comedy that tries to come off as intelligent and original by poking fun at the gender stereotypes inherent in the genre while at the same time safely reinforcing the expected Double Standard for the rom-com audience.
  • Unfortunate Implications: According to Film Brain of Bad Movie Beatdown fame, the movie is deeply sexist against both men and women. He interprets the movie as claiming that women are uptight, prudish, overly idealistic people who need to let go of their inhibitions and debase themselves; whereas men are boorish perverts with no interest in emotional connection, who shouldn't be expected to improve because they can't.