YMMV / The Twins Effect

  • Cliché Storm: The film uses a whole bunch of cliches about fighting vampires from asian pop culture, including a cool european main villain and a vampire hunter who himself turns into a vampire. However, this is not annoying, because the film does not try to take itself too seriously.
  • Incest Subtext: More by accidentally than implied intentionally, but what do you want from the movie where the sister fights with the brother's girlfriend for his attention?
  • One-Scene Wonder: Jackie Chan's fight with biker-vampires in the middle of the movie. Actually, this was implied initially, because it is a cameo of one of the most popular Chinese actors at the moment.
  • Les Yay: It seems that the main heroines are too close to each other, especially against the background of the fact that all the men in the film are either villains or outspoken side characters. In the end, they even make up a "couple" of tsundere/nice girl.
  • Narm Charm: Vampires. Oh, boy. It seems that the whole film actors more depict people who want to pretend to be vampires for a joke than real monster characters.
  • Misaimed Marketing: In most countries outside of China, this film was distributed as a Jackie Chan's film, despite the fact that he appears only in one scene.