YMMV: The Trinity

  • Fan Nickname: Dumblemort.
  • HSQ: Hermione is poisoned with unicorn's blood in the 6th book and becomes a vampire. Dumbledore being resurrected by the essence of a younger Voldemort who plans to make an army of Vampires.
  • Wangst: This is what Galen's Angst appears as on the beginning. He does develop his character as time passes, and his Angst is caused by serious issues, with Galen wallowing in self-pity only when he takes too many strikes
  • Ron the Death Eater: Ron and Dumbledore, to elaborate Ron in canon had no noteworthy accomplishments or feats to his name and in fact was the cause of most of the group's interpersonal problems. Without Harry as his friend he never grows out of this though its debatable whether he did in canon. Dumbledore has a Black or White view of the world, no shades of grey. You are either Light or Dark. Dumbledore in canon has manipulated anyone and everyone without divulging any useful information to his allies until no choice is left. Almost all the books plots are caused by his meddling or inability to do his job. Kieren has highlighted this though has also said that Dumbledore could just be senile.