YMMV / The Stranger

The Novel

The Film

  • Complete Monster: In this 1946 film, Franz Kindler is a Nazi war criminal fleeing his complicity in The Holocaust who adopts a new identity as Charles Rankin in a sleepy suburban town. When a repentant Nazi, Konrad Meinike, tracks him down, Kindler promptly murders him and then poisons his wife Mary's dog Red when Red sniffs around where he buried the corpse. When a Nazi hunter named Mr. Wilson tracks Kindler down, he reveals to Mary her husband's complicity in the Holocaust and how Kindler helped to develop the Final Solution, showing her images of his atrocities. In a final attempt to keep his secret, Kindler tries to murder Mary. When stopped, Kindler protests he was Just Following Orders, which Wilson rejects by saying "you gave the orders."
  • Nightmare Fuel: The documentary footage of the liberated death camp. It briefly shows a pile of corpses before switching to a big gas chamber, while Wilson calmly explains how the victims were given hot showers in order to open up their pores so the poison gas would penetrate their bodies faster.