YMMV / The Storykeepers

  • Complete Monster: While the series teaches that you should forgive your persecutors, the villainous Nihilus stands against this, with his unwillingness to live up to his mistakes and accept forgiveness that makes him a monster. The centurion to Nero, he attempted to purge Rome of the Christians by force throughout the series, including him building a catapult and sending flaming debris into the tunnels that persecuted Christians were hiding in. Upon learning that a fellow centurion was a Christian, he tried to have him killed for treachery. He later set fire to homes of children with them still inside, all because they didn't submit to his emotional manipulation of them. He also arranges a public crucifixion for Ben and murders his student when he stops him from carrying it out. In the end, Nihilus had one single defining trait: his utter lack of a conscience.
  • Fridge Horror – Nihilus takes Ben away at one point, palming a whip and stating that before Ben knows Nero’s wrath, “you’ll know mine.” Ben visibly flinches at the implication. The fridge horror kicks in when you consider the fact that the ancient Romans made torture an art, and as Ben is both a resident alien (not a citizen) and an ethnic minority, he’s little more than battering practice for the Romans.
  • Fridge Logic – Typically, a male lion’s first act as a new pride leader is to kill any existing cubs, as a means of driving the lionesses into estrus. But Mangler seems perfectly content with Leo and Theo. Supposedly because he’s been missing his pride, and this new lioness and her cubs make up for the loss.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Nero has several candidates, starting the fire of Rome, threatening Tacticus with death for refusing to worship him and ordering Ben's crucifixion for his entertainment.
    • Nihilus crosses the line when he tries to burn the children alive in their own home.
  • The Other Darrin – Jesus’ original voice actor is never heard from after the first episode.