YMMV / The Star Lost

  • Cult Classic: Despite the troubled background issues and problems with special effects, the show still has a following, some of whom are genuine fans who think that the producers were able to salvage something despite the limited budget, and some who enjoy it as an example of campy sci-fi TV and see the special effect issues as part of the experience.
  • Special Effect Failure: Arguably some of the worst effects in a 1970s SF series. This was caused partially by an innovative motion-tracking Green Screen system invented by Douglas Trumbull for the show which failed to actually work at all, and partially by an effects budget which probably couldn't have bought a week's groceries for a 4-person family.
    • From inside, the curvature of the biodome roofs is clearly visible. The exterior shots of the ship indicate that the domes must be at least hundreds of miles across, far too large for the curvature of the domes to be so clearly visible. In fact, all interior shots of the domes make it look like they're much less than ten miles across.