YMMV / The Spectre

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Good Is Not Nice or villain who just happens to go after other villains (while not caring about who gets in the way)? Also raises questions about the DCU's version of God for employing him, but that's potentially a more touchy subject.
    • Who has more influence over the Spectre? The host or the angel?
  • Badass Decay: Following the loss of Hal Jordan as his human anchor, the Spectre went on a rampage of Disproportionate Retribution before being manipulated by the new Eclipso (Jean Loring). Some of the decay was briefly undone after Crispus Allen became the new host, until the spirit was first subdued by a reawakened Cain, then left weakened at the hands of Mandrakk in Final Crisis. He became completely overcome by a Black Lantern ring in Blackest Night, and after he regained control he couldn't do a thing to Nekron because he has no soul.
  • Creepy Awesome: He's built around this trope. His powers mean unless the plot requires him to lose, he will tear through anything in his path in the most horrific way imaginable, literally, since his powers are only limited by whatever he ways he can think of.