YMMV / The Spanish Prisoner

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Some fans suspect that even the Marshalls are part of the con, set up as a failsafe in case Joe figured the rest out.
    • Jossed by Mamet years ago, who got sick about all the mail from fans. And even without it, the con would have to involve actual police force to just improbable scale. And since the Marshalls seems to cooperate with said police, they are legit... or send by the Japanese for real.
  • It Was His Sled: Averted. Knowing it wasn't Spanish Prisoner con doesn't make the film any less suspenseful, as The Reveal happens barely in the middle of the whole plot.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Senator Clay Davis is one of the cops at the airport.
  • Rewatch Bonus: The film is filled with details that don't seem significant until you get to the end (indeed, for the whole first half it seems like a quiet character piece with little actually happening), then you realize how cleverly done everything was.