YMMV / The Singing Ringing Tree

  • Narm Charm: Due to Special Effect Failure. E. g. the stag is obviously a horse with antlers glued on!
  • Nightmare Fuel: The notoriously scary dwarf, who has made this show quite well known.
    • Also the giant fish, which in universe is a friendly creature but in reality a poorly-made prop that looks as creepy as hell.
  • Values Dissonance, Society Marches On: In standards of beauty. The idea that the princess somehow becomes ugly when her blonde ringlets are exchanged for straight green hair made more sense before dying your hair crazy colours could possibly be considered cool.
    • Having a creepy dwarf as the main villain might not play so well these days.
  • Unkempt Beauty: The princess after her transformation probably doesn't look any worse, at least to modern viewers. (Whether this is due to limited production values or was intended as a stealth Aesop is unclear.)