YMMV / The Simpsons S 4 E 6 Itchy And Scratchy The Movie

  • Fridge Logic: The entire notion that Homer would be able to stop Bart from seeing the Itchy and Scratchy movie was already farfetched when this episode first aired (no way to stop Bart from seeing it on video or on TV at a friend's house) but is even more farfetched now with the ability to watch almost any film on the internet.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The 12th Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness, was released in 2013 and also features the crew of Star Trek: The Original Series, albeit played by much younger actors. Given the mixed reaction among Trek fans, the title "So Very Tired" could also be appropriate.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Homer. When he bans Bart from seeing The Itchy & Scratchy Movie, he takes numerous steps to ensure that Bart does not get around it, such as tearing up his ticket, watching him more often and, in a rare display of intelligence, has the foresight to make the movie theater promise not to sell Bart a ticket for the film if he tries to buy one when no one is looking (which he does). In the end, his plan succeeds flawlessly, and Bart becomes the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.