YMMV / The Simpsons S4 E11 "Homer's Triple Bypass"

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The Cops: In Springfield subplot is a downplayed version. It's not weird enough to fully qualify (unless you count the opening theme sequence where Chief Wiggum, Eddie, and Lou shoot at a mummy), but it doesn't get mentioned again after the part where Chief Wiggum is in the hospital waiting room after his jaw locked open while trying to eat a sandwich (and that part usually gets cut from syndication for time).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A flashback to Homer's childhood revealed his promising singing career was ruined when his voice changed. In a few episodes in later seasons, such as "Homer's Barbershop Quartet", Homer would go on to have success as an adult singer anyway.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The last thing Homer hears before he's given anesthetic?
    Dr. Nick: (Pointing at something on the operating table) "What the hell is that?"
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: David Silverman's animation of Homer's first heart attack.
  • What An Idiot: Chief Wiggum and the Springfield Police Department is called to a report of numerous cattle in a yard in a residential neighborhood. The National Guard(!) is called in to provide a tank to break down the door of the suspect.
    You'd Expect: The officers to respond to the correct address—742 Evergreen Terrace (not the canon residence of the Simpson family)—even if by seeing the cattle in the yard of the suspect's address.
    Instead: They break down the door of the neighbor's house—the one belonging to Rev. Lovejoy. As a very angry Lovejoy tries to explain to the officers that they have the wrong address, the scene shows an empty yard, before panning to the neighbor's yard, which has the cattle. The actual suspect—Snake—taunts the officers and makes his escape.
    • So now…
      You'd expect Chief Wiggum to at least be able to read a license plate and accurately describe either Snake (a well-known criminal in Springfield, whom Wiggum and/or other officers on the force have arrested several times) or at the very least his car when putting out the all-points bulletin.
      Instead: Wiggum fails to provide even a very vague description: "Put out an APB for a male suspect, driving a… car of some sort, heading in the direction of… you know, that place that sells chilli. Suspect Is Hatless. Repeat, hatless."