YMMV / The Simpsons S 2 E 10 Bart Gets Hit By A Car

  • Fridge Horror: As Bart ascends into heaven (before falling into Hell), he passes by his great grandfather, who appears to be choking a young boy. The young boy is likely supposed to be a young Abe Simpson, but seeing as this is heaven, and assuming all individuals seen are dead, does that mean Homer had an uncle that was killed young, possibly at the hands of his grandfather?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The Devil says Bart isn't due in Hell until the Yankees win the World Series decades from now. At time of broadcast, 1991, this baseball team hadn't won this sports event since 1978. The first time they won again happened in 1996. note 
    • In Brazil, it's until Brazil wins the FIFA World Cup. The last time Brazil won before 1991 was in 1970. Brazil's next victory took place in 1994. note 
    • The Devil is voiced by the same actor that plays Flanders. "Treehouse of Horror IV" will later actually depict Flanders as the devil!
    • Marge is called to testify before court by the name "Mrs. Homer J. Simpson" (rendered in some dubs as "Mrs. H. J. Simpson", even). Amazingly, the scene predates the O.J. Simpson trial, which happened in 1994/1995, while the episode aired in 1991.