YMMV / The Selection

  • Ass Pull: Aspen falling for Lucy CAN come across this if one hasn't read the novellas. In the books proper we get strong hints that Lucy has feelings for him, and in The One it's suggested that Aspen is noticing her more. It's somewhat justified as Cass was apparently planning on Aspen/America being endgame. But after two and a-half books of "Aspen endlessly loving America," to Aspen telling America, point blank, that he doesn't love her anymore it comes across as a forced and clunky way of settling the love triangle.
  • Designated Hero: America can come off as this. She’s just as uppity as the upper Castes, even outright telling someone that they could never know hardship because she’s of a higher Caste. And she blatantly waffles between Aspen and Maxon and meets Aspen in secret. This is especially jarring since this happens AFTER Marlee and Carter are caught and publicly caned for their love affair. While it turns out in the end America tells her father about Gregory Illea's journals and the secret room they're hidden works out in the end, she shows time and time again that she CAN'T keep a secret and is a poor candidate for the next queen. And that's not even mentioning how she stupidly reveals she got information from the aforementioned journals, that’s hidden by the royal family, the public are not supposed to know about them, on national TV.
  • What an Idiot: America. She goes to see Aspen in secret after Marlee and Carter are publicly humiliated and have their Castes stripped when they were caught doing the same thing. And she admits to having one of Gregory Illea's super secret journals on national TV.