YMMV: The Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show

  • Misaimed Marketing: The canned pasta. See the page for details.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Night of the Living Schnookums had a morbid premise (Meat falsely believing that he'd killed Schnookums and trying to dispose of the body) and an inconclusive, borderline-horrifying ending: in the midst of the craziness, Schnookums may or may-not have killed Meat whose ghost or reanimated corpse may or may-not be menacingly knocking at the front door later on when Schnookums is home alone. The episode cuts to black without resolving this.
    Meat: Trick or treat, Schnookums...
    • That said, given that this wasn't the Series Finale, it's probable that Meat had faked his death and was just playing the same mean prank that Schnookums had played earlier in the episode; the only thing preventing this less-dark intepretation from being an absolute certainty is the loose treatment the show gave to anything resembling continuity. The two once destroyed all civilization, only for things to be back to normal by the next episode, so actually killing Meat and having him come back as a vengeful spirit (as opposed to just playing a prank) would have been very doable.