YMMV / The Savage Dragon

  • Alas, Poor Scrappy/Take That, Scrappy!: Seemingly invoked. The characters Witherspoon and Lamarr were both introduced as intentionally irritating side characters with a lack of common sense, and both die shortly after being introduced. Both times are, however, played for drama.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: The series has got this in spades. Erik Larsen obviously loves designing these guys. Given the tongue-in-cheek nature of this comic, it makes sense, and the costumes fit their silly names, and the series sometimes lampshades this fact. A lot of them are throwaway baddies, but several members of his Rogues Gallery fit this category as well.
    • Meet Hellrazor. This guy made his first appearance in issue 2 of the mini, and he's one of the longest-running recurring villains of the series, as a duo with his partner Cutthroat. For that matter, Cutthroat qualifies too. To make things even better, Hellrazor keeps that hairstyle even when he's in jail.
  • Fridge Horror: At first, Emperor Kurr mowing through every enemy he meets seems just like the writer trying to show us how dangerous he is. Then you realise, that's not the only reason. Dragon was the hero of the book, he overcame almost impossible odds every storyline, as with any good superhero. Emperor Kurr is Dragon. He is overcoming impossible odds, but now he's not trying to save us...
  • Squick: The Body Function, a gang led by the pus-filled Villainous Glutton Cesspool, consists of the phlegm-spewing Nasal Ned, the Fartillery-powered Backfire, and Belcher. Oddly, he didn't recruit the diarrhea-cannon wielding Dung or Menstrual Menace Heavy Flo.
    • Malcolm and his girlfriend Maxine having a threesome with Angel in issue 200, if you still saw the two as brother and sister.