YMMV / The Saga of the Noble Dead

  • Complete Monster: The Saga of the Noble Dead is set in a borderline-Crapsack World, so it has a couple of these:
    • Warlord Darmouth is a paranoid and psychotic tyrant who runs his lands with fear and intimidation. People are killed on a routine basis if he gets the wrong idea about them. He keeps his followers in line with blackmail, emotional manipulation and fear to keep them too weak to resist. Trying to leave his service results in swift death for all involved, even their families.
    • Obviously Evil Ubad, a Necromancer who worships the Eldritch Abomination Big Bad Il'Samar, manipulated a vampire ally of his into raping a human woman to father a dhampyr with her. The result was said ally's death as his energy was drained, the woman's death (from blood loss) and Ubad gaining the dhampyr he badly wanted. The reason was so he would have a champion to lead an army of the dead to purge the world of life. Unlike Il'Samar's other followers, Ubad is simply in it to see how far he can push the bounds of his own powers as far as he can go until the world burns.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Welstiel
  • Moral Event Horizon: Welstiel was always somewhat sympathetic compared to the other villains- but then he just had to attack a monastery, kill the monks, turn them into vampires, and then forcibly isolate them during their transition so that the devolved into near-mindless ferals, and then fed them their own former brethren who remained alive. Even Chane was bothered by it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Ubad in general, particularly the curse one of his minions puts on the lord who slighted him (well, technically he killed him, but that's just an inconvenience when your boss is the world's best necromancer...)
  • Uncanny Valley: Magiere gets this a lot from ordinary living people. Some vampires do as well, though others are particularly good at concealing it.