YMMV / The Runelords

  • Fridge Logic: The ramifications of any of the endowments. The series steadfastly refuses to worry about this, and by doing so earns a lot more Willing Suspension of Disbelief than if it'd waved its hands left and right to cover.
    • One glaring problem, though: Forcibles are rare and expensive to the point that only the nobility can afford them — and even then, not every one. How did Myrrima's family get enough money to afford her starting forcibles — and why didn't they use that money to get out of poverty, instead of crippling the family so Myrrima could make a good marriage.. to get out of poverty?
      • Because their problem isn't just a lack of money, it's a lack of sustainability. Their economy is more feudal than capitalistic in nature, so even with a large sum of money on hand, their opportunities for investing it into a sustainable source of income are rather limited. Once the money runs out, they're back in the same situation they were before. Marry a noble with lots of income, though, and you're set for life.
  • Narm: The author's habit of referring to testicles almost exclusively as "walnuts" makes it difficult to take some scenes as seriously as they're intended.
  • Villain Decay: Several books after Raj Ahten became a flameweaver only to end up dying horribly, it is revealed that he had been possessed by a locus, and wasn't responsible for his actions.
    • Reavers might as well be ninjas. Loci are worse about it.
    • Fire, as a power. The first quadrilogy presents it as an unrelenting enemy of mankind, unresistable, corrupting, dehumanizing, and altogether alien. The second quadrilogy has Fallion almost effortlessly resisting Fire's calls to surrender himself to it, while at the same time wielding its power with magnificent results. Somewhat mitigated by everyone eyeing Fallion like a loaded gun for a while, and Fallion himself being an old soul well-used to the power, but when, right in the first book, Binnesman insists that Fire is not and will not be mankind's ally in the age to come...