YMMV / The River Wild

  • Complete Monster: Wade is a psychotic criminal who will stop at nothing to get across the river with money he had robbed from a cattle auction. As he is trying, along with his partners, Terry and Frank, to make it across with the stolen money, Frank proves useless in guiding them due to his wounds from the robbery, so Wade forces a reluctant Terry to kill him. With no guide, Wade asks Gail Hartman to help them get across. When Gail finally becomes suspicious of Wade, she and her family try to leave them behind. However, Wade catches them and beats her husband Tom, attempts to kill their dog, and slaps her son Roarke for telling them he had a gun. He then uses her family to blackmail Gail into taking them across the Gauntlet—ignoring her pleas and warnings that such a trip could get them killed. When Tom escapes, Wade tries to kill him, but not before taunting him about how many seconds he has left to live. After a park ranger, who is also a close friend of Gail's, catches them and refuses to let them ride the Gauntlet for their safety, Wade kills him and jokes about it afterwards. After Gail gets them across the Gauntlet, Wade and Terry get caught in their trap and Gail turns their gun on them. Wade begs for his life, so Gail decides to shoot the last bullet in the air out of mercy. However the gun doesn't shoot, so Wade orders Terry to kill her family while he tries to kill her, despite Gail sparing his life.