YMMV / The Red Violin

  • Awesome Music: The score as a whole is stellar, from the Ear Worm "People's Republic" to the hauntingly erotic "Coitus Musicalis," (with a name like that, who would have guessed?), but Anna's Theme carries through the movie for pure, heartbreaking simplicity.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Morritz steals the red violin and keeps it as a gift for his daughter, from whom he's been kept away by his job. "I'm bringing you something real special," indeed. And the sight of the full moon in the sky means the violin might have a chance at a happier life this time around.
  • Tear Jerker: A lot. Anna's death is painful enough, when Busotti loses the love of his life and his unborn son in one stroke; but the viewer revisits the sorrow when Morritz examines a note left inside the violin centuries ago, by the creator. All it says is, "With all my heart."
    • The fact that at the beginning of the movie, the sound of Anna's humming turns into the sound of the violin, and then, at the end of the credits, the violin's music turns back into Anna's voice. Just when you thought you were over it...!