YMMV / The Raven (1935)

  • Complete Monster: Dr. Richard Vollin is an Edgar Allan Poe fanboy who becomes obsessed with a young woman named Jean Thatcher. Vollin tries to destroy her family in vengeance for being spurned. When a Sympathetic Murderer named Bateman begs Vollin to change his face so he can leave a life of crime behind, Vollin instead hideously deforms him so he'll have to assist Vollin in return for having the procedure corrected. Vollin tries to kill Jean's family, putting her father in a trap designed on the bladed pendulum, and forcing Jean and her husband into a room where the walls will close in to crush them, before even Bateman has had enough.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Vollin crosses this when he puts Jerry and Jean into a shrinking room. He also crosses this when he shoots Bateman
  • Visual Effects of Awesome; When Vollin turns Jean's room into an elevator.