YMMV / The Quiet Earth

  • Adaptation Displacement: The film was released worldwide; for a long time the book was difficult to find even in New Zealand and nearly impossible to lay hands on elsewhere. It was finally reprinted in 2013.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Two possible explanations for Zac's actions in the ending.
    • 1. Zac realized on his way back to his house that he didn't have time to get the remote control system, because the Depopulation Bomb was going to happen again too early. He took the truck in to try to save Joanne and Api.
    • 2. Zac never intended to get the remote control, and decided to commit suicide by blowing himself up, because he still felt guilty and isolated. He thought Joanne and Api would be better off without him.
      • The other question is if everyone on Earth save those who died at that moment actually vanished, or if just the people who "survived" were the ones who vanished into an alternate universe.
  • Awesome Music: The entire score, especially Saturn Rising.
  • Special Effects Failure: It's kind of obvious that there's a matte covering the sky at the end, because you can see the reflection of the actual sun on the water.
    • Also the body of Zac's coworker is pretty obviously a dummy.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Imagine yourself waking up to a perfectly shiny sun and then realising that every single person on Earth has suddenly vanished without a trace. Alternatively, waking up just to discover rising Saturn instead of the sun.