YMMV / The Quest for the Legends

  • Funny Moments: Flora's rant before her battle with Mark.
  • Mary Sue: While Spirit the Ninetales fits this trope (what with being "chosen" by Entei, her Ghost powers, the necklace on her neck, her ability to speak human, and even her manner of speaking), after Gyarados gains a similar necklace from killing Suicune (and thus proving that the necklace was not a "sign of approval" as Spirit thought it was), Floatzel proves that being "chosen" is no good if Spirit doesn't know what she's been "chosen" for, and after Entei reveals that he was only using her, this trope is subverted.
    • Word of God even acknowledges Spirit's Sueness in said character's description on the Quest home page.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Spirit using Curse.