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YMMV: The Purge
  • Critical Dissonance: Critics lambasted the film for being a Cliché Storm filled with cheap scares and a social commentary that is never fully developed. It still opened at #1 and recouped its cheap budget many times over.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The sirens announcing the start of the Purge are surprisingly effective at instilling a sense of dread in the viewer.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Everyone that's tried to killed the Sandins has crossed this at one time or another.
  • Narm: EVERY moment "Polite Stranger" appears. From his cheesy gleeful grinning every time he makes a threat to the Sandins to him kissing James's forehead after stabbing him.
    • The sheer number of times a villain is killed by someone showing up behind them and pumping them full of lead just as they're about to kill one of the family members.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Oh god, the poster.
  • The Scrappy: Charlie loses a lot of sympathy because of his decision to allow a complete stranger into his home and endangering his family. The consequence? The worst night of his family's life. His sister ends up held at gunpoint by said stranger, a gang of lunatics invade their home and his father is killed.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The general consensus is that an intriguing concept (all crime is legal for twelve hours as a way to create social order) is barely explored, and the plot is a basic Home Invasion thriller with The Purge being just an excuse as to why the family can't call the cops. You get some glimpses into the Purge at large through very brief news reports. For example as many as 200 people are reported to have engaged in a mass free-for-all purging in their town centre.
    • Or exploring the possibility that the Purge might be simply a larger version of the Stanford Prison Experiment, with only a few people actually committing crimes, while most of the population stay locked inside. In reality, most of the deaths and damages during the Purge are simply a fiction created by the government to keep people scared and in-line.
    • Moviebob said it best:
    Are hackers and black marketers doing all their work during the purge? Do small tier retail stores no longer exist because only big retailers can afford the private armies necessary to keep their inventory safe? Would this not be the perfect moment for a foreign army or a terrorist cell to attack the united states? Is Las Vegas taking odds on everything? Are scientists getting together to conduct all of the banned research they can in the twelve hours? And yet amidst all these questions it opens up for exploration, the film only chooses to focus on one: What happens... When an army of masked psychopaths attacks your home.
    • The sequel, however, appears to be going for an exploration of what it's like to be caught in the middle of it all, as well as digging up the class war elements behind the implementation of the Purge.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • The gang is wearing masks that resemble human faces, but the masks invoke a feeling of wrongness to them. The poster itself presents what looks like a horrifying Slasher Smile.
    • Outside of the masks, the one neighbor who looks to have a botox-paralyzed face is pretty inhuman-looking on her own.

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