YMMV: The Punisher (1989)

  • Complete Monster: Lady Tanaka, the leader of the Yakuza, intends to muscle in on the Italian mafia's territory. To do this, Tanaka has the bosses' young children kidnapped with anyone who might interfere murdered, including a harmless babysitter. Tanaka promises to return the children, but her true intention is to sell them into child slavery. When Frank Castle himself is captured with his friend, Tanaka has them tortured on a modern-day version of the rack. At the end, when the most powerful mob boss has teamed up with Frank to get the kids back, Tanaka holds a knife to the child's throat and orders his father to kill himself. She admits there's not even a guarantee she'll keep her word but says a small chance is better than none.
  • Narm: Frank and Gianni shoot up an entire room full of mooks, and not single bullet hits the paper wall behind them.