YMMV / The Professionals

For the TV series:

  • Big Brother Instinct: Bodie appears to have this towards Doyle, shown through his jokes about Doyle's love life and offering him advice to threatening anyone who tries to hurt him. Interestingly Bodie is the younger of the two in the partnership, but seems older perhaps due to his time as a mercenary in Africa.
  • Bizarro Episode: "Discovered in a Graveyard" - Doyle is in a coma and has an entire episode's worth of weird, disjointed memories/dreams. It is something of a marmite episode.
  • Ending Fatigue: Averted; things were typically wrapped up quickly after the bad guy had been caught, or objective achieved. In many cases that was the final scene, with just a few words of post-action dialogue or banter before they went straight into the end credits.
  • Fanon: The Professionals has quite an impressive array of fanon, including:
    • The reason the sets are always different for Bodie and Doyle's respective flats every time we see them is that CI5 maintains a number of flats which it's agents live in, and they move their agents around regularly.
    • Doyle is moody, inclined to tears, and a vegetarian.
    • Bodie is a cold-blooded loner, had a terrible childhood, had a hellish experience being a mercenary in Africa, was rescued from it by Cowley and therefore looks up to Cowley as a father figure. He also has a pretty sophisticated Sweet Tooth (courtesy of said childhood-either he grew into money but hated it or he grew poor and he's compensating).
  • Ho Yay: Yes, and by the bucket. Modern day fans of the series often have discovered it via old slash zines.
  • Values Dissonance: The series' violence and fast driving was highly criticised at the time; later on its sexism.

For the Film: