YMMV / The Princess Series

  • Hero Ball: happens a lot in the books.
  • Ho Yay: Talia for Snow, and Hephyra for Talia. Hephyra being a type of nymph, it might be Bi the Way, bordering on Anything That Moves.
  • Iron Woobie: Despite having endured events that would have broken lesser people, the princesses of the story refuse to give in to despair or anger (mostly). They have even managed to find some happiness and sense of family with each other.
  • Unfortunate Implications - Talia, the princess who was raped, is also a lesbian, and given some conservative's ideas about the causes of homosexuality it comes across as creepy and insulting. Acknowledged and regret expressed for in this post on his LiveJournal. The rape isn't a canon explanation, though some characters in-universe likely believe it.