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YMMV: The Pride Of Life
  • Crowning Moment of Funny - Several!
    • Episode 01, where Gaur wonders where Kedamono is...cue Kedamono falling right on top of him.
      • The Tumblr's icon is even Kedamono landing right on Gaur's head.
    • In Episode 01, shortly after Kedamono consumes the World Tree's fruit, he proceeds to challenge and attack Adolfo, only to be informed by Gaur that he won't have super powers until the fruit is digested, in a full eight hours. Cue sad tuba.
    • In Episode 03, after failing to be recognized by his fellow villages as himself in his new superbeast form, Kedamono tries to sneak past the guards by donning some camouflage. Unfortunately for him, it is severely lacking.
    • In Episode 04, a captured Kedamono is discovered by the Familiars during the Zapatos Gang's assault on Hunds Village. He is so afraid that he urinates on Familiar #1, complete with 'piddle' sound effect.
    • Possibly the biggest moment of all is in Episode 05, when Kedamono escapes from "Daddy" Valdez's den during a brief managerial dispute. How does he pull this off? By substituting a life-sized, cardboard cut-out of himself. Lampshaded by Nickles, who wonders where he was hiding such a thing.
  • Draco in Leather Pants - Nickles is becoming this to certain fans. This slightly NSFW commission features Nickles receiving a Kinniku Buster in a non-canonical wrestling match. It's probably the most fanservicy and non-threatening we ever see of the normally sadistic and evil Boisterous Bruiser.

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