YMMV / The Poseidon Adventure

The 1972 film:

The 2005 TV movie:

  • What an Idiot: The Cruise Director, who gives away Rogo's purpose as a sea marshal, and insists that everyone stay inside the dining room, even after it's pointed out that the ship will inevitably sink.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: Near the end of the film, the survivors have to cross over a pit of fire via a narrow bridge. The only ones who don't make it are Badawi, who masterminded the terrorist plot, and Shoshanna, who was Richard's mistress.

The original novel:

  • Values Dissonance: The whole "Susan getting raped" subplot, full stop. Not only is the attack itself completely superfluous to the plot, but Susan's reaction to it (she sympathizes with her attacker, to the point of mourning his death, planning to meet his parents after getting rescued, and hoping she's carrying his rape-child) could only be the product of a male author from a pre-feminist generation.