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YMMV: The Player of Games
  • Fridge Logic: Gurgeh is nearly seduced by a couple of Azadian females, though an attempted attack thwarts this from coming to fruition. It makes you wonder how this was going to work, since Azadian females are explicitly stated to not have vaginas (these instead being present on the Apex sex).
    • Without wishing to be unduly crude, they do have mouths and rectums.
    • Also, they have vaginas, or at least a uterus with an opening to get to it. The Apex sex has a "reversible vagina", however that works. Presumably Azad males could have intercourse with Azad females, but maybe they don't want to. Unless there are gay Azads, or... um... whatever that would be.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The culture, and especially the main agent. That drone? Yeah...the same drone that blackmailed "Morat", is also his helper in this...Special Circumstances planned the WHOLE thing.
    • Maybe even more than that. Contact have apparently known about the Empire for 73 years. Gurgeh is 60. He may have been specially genetically engineered and/or nurtured for the purpose of playing Azad. He mentions the possibility himself towards the end. SC deny it naturally.

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