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YMMV: The Parkers
  • Unfortunate Implications: The series as a whole plays up Stalking Is Love to a crazy extreme. The Finale outright confirms it.
    • In "Since I Lost My Baby", Kim and Veronica team up to ruin Stanley's relationship with Angela. After some digging they found out the her ex is named Chris, who works at a bar as bartender. When reach the bar they find out that not only is Chris a woman but they are at a Gay Bar. They're first reaction to this is essentially "Eww". When they try to convince Stanley that Angela is gay he ignores this. Afterwards they get Angela and Chris to get back together while Stanley feels like a fool. There is no explanation or any consideration that Angela is actually bi-sexual or at the very least bi-curious nor whether or not She had a general interest in Stanley.
  • The Woobie: You have to admit, Nikki has been through a lot of stuff, and it doesn't help when her rejections from the Professor and his treatment of her are seriously played out. One episode has her at a support group for the lovelorn, where she has a Break the Haughty after claiming she doesn't need to be there before the group leader questions her if she and the Professor are really together, breaking her down as he questioned if he even acknowledges Nikki.
    • Ironically, one episode had her so stressed out that she didn't even acknowledge the Professor himself.
    • Her father hasn't forgiven her for having Kim out of high school and putting her education on hold and had even belittled her before he was called out it.
    • She also discovered that she was adopted on national television in Family Ties and Lies, because her uncle was so determined to win the prize money.
    • The final season opener has her lonely and depressed over the Professor getting married and Kim leaving for Harvard, while her wedding plans in the final episode start to fall apart.
      • It doesn't help that in another episode when her romance novel (with the Professor as the main character, of course) becomes a big hit, Shaquille O'Neal himself shuts everything down by claiming the Professor is nothing but a fraud and a playboy, which is kinda true, with Shaq showing a photo of the Professor out with several women. The Professor then has the audacity to retaliate with the fact that with his publicity, "Why need one woman when you can have them all?". This repulses Nikki's fans and prompts them to start a book burning.
    • The Professor sways between this and Jerkass Woobie whenever Nikki's stalking tendencies reaches Dude, Not Funny! territory.

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