YMMV / The Omen

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • When exactly does Damien truly become evil and aware of what he is? In the sequel he is shocked to discover his true destiny but many of his actions prior to then hinted he was aware of it at some level or at least knew he was different. There are viewers that believe he was actively evil from the outset, and simply unaware of why, believing he knowingly attempted to kill his own mother as a child for instance. Some viewers feel he is actually not directly evil but rather unwittingly channels it. And is in fact an otherwise normal child until he embraces his destiny. This would mean they see Mark being his first direct kill, and his true Moral Event Horizon.
    • Father Brennan's death in both the original and the remake; unlike the other deaths in the franchise that are clearly because those characters get too close to the truth about Damien's identity, Brennan's is a bit ambiguous. Is he being discarded by Satan for trying to warn Robert, or is God smiting him for his deeds? The remake even shows the doors to the cathedral being barricaded just as Brennan is about to enter for shelter, adding to the ambiguity.
  • Complete Monster: Damien Thorn is The Antichrist foretold in scripture. Initially horrified by this revelation, Damien eventually accepts his destiny, and sets out to Take Over the World. Making his lineage known in Damien: Omen II, he incites an aneurysm in his cousin's brain when he refused his offer of world conquest. Becoming Ambassador to Great Britain in Omen III: The Final Conflict, he decrees that every baby boy born on March 24, 1982, be executed when he realized that the Second Coming of Christ was imminent. Among other atrocities, Damien coldly brainwashes Barbara into killing her husband and son with a clothes iron. Any redeeming traits that he may have had in the other films quickly dissipate once he gets romantically involved—and later rapes—a female journalist. Always the charismatic figure, Damien manipulates the journalist's young son into discipleship, only to remorselessly use him as a Human Shield when De Carlo attempts to kill him. Demonic, malicious, and blasphemous, Damien craved to fling the Earth into eternal damnation.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Jerry Goldsmith at his creepiest and finest (to the point that the remake got bashed heavily for not using any of it). The movie's main theme, "Ave Satani", is a very creepy use of Ominous Latin Chanting (and has becomed a Bootstrapped Theme for "Creepy Child" characters).
  • Narm: