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YMMV: The Offspring
  • Contested Sequel: Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace is either one of the best albums they've done or one of their worst, depending on who you ask.
  • Critical Dissonance: Like a lot of punk bands.
  • Ear Worm: "Why Don't You Get a Job?", which is often compared to "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da".
  • Funny Moments:
    • The video for "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)".
    • And for that matter, the song itself.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Check out the cover of Conspiracy of One. Look Familiar?
  • Magnificent Bastard: The subject of "You're Gonna Go Far Kid".
  • Memetic Mutation: Thanks to All I Want being used as the main theme for Crazy Taxi, the "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" lyric at the beginning has become one.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Misaimed Fandom:
    • Quite a few of their songs. For a good example, "Hammerhead" is often assumed to be about soldiers in the Iraq war, but it's really about a delusional school shooter.
    • Justified with "Hammerhead", as the song starts out with lyrics that seem to be about someone fighting in a war, but at the end it's revealed that it's actually the delusional thoughts going through a school shooter's head. The lyrics at the end can be hard to understand if not following along with printed lyrics, so many don't realize the twist.
    • In the video, too, there's plenty of military imagery, ranging from stealth bombers and generals to the main character being a soldier. However, this all starts to look a bit suspicious when the stealth bombers are small and flap their wings like birds while using their nosecones as beaks, the general is warped and presumably a pure hallucination, and the stacks of Humvees and dead soldiers looks suspiciously like a simple junkyard. By the end, the revelation that this career as a soldier is all in the guy's head is horrifyingly apparent.
  • Nausea Fuel: The video for "Original Prankster" has the prankster kid making sandwiches with... a disgusting filling.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Several songs about conspiracies and "the man".
  • Retroactive Recognition: Their video for "She's Got Issues" was one of the first major acting roles for Zooey Deschanel
  • Sampled Up: "Gunter glieben glauchen globen" is from Def Leppard's song "Rock of Ages". But, if you're too young to remember it (or haven't known the song before), you'll most inevitably associate it with "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)".
  • Sequel Displacement: The two albums before their mainstream debut Smash are usually ignored.
  • Signature Song: "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" mostly because of how many AMVs it has generated.
    • Self Esteem is also one of their most popular and successful singles, and is often the song they play at the end of gigs and the one everybody sings along to.
  • Song Association:
    • Play Crazy Taxi, and many Offspring songs will stick to your mind instantly. "Yah yah yah yah yah!" ("All I Want")
    • "Come Out and Play (Keep 'em Separated)" gets this effect being one of the on-disc songs in Rock Band 2
  • Tear Jerker:
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: Many songs on Days Go By have been accused of ripping off Rise Against, especially "Turning Into You" (compared to "Ready to Fall") and "The Future is Now" (compared to "Savior).
  • Wangst: "She's Got Issues" chews out the titular girl for this.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit: "Cruising California", a really out-of-place pop song parody on an album full of heavier songs. Unlike "Pretty Fly", another comedic song, it's completely outside of the band's style and it comes off as being a very heavy-handed attempt to stay relevant.

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