YMMV / The News Quiz

  • Acceptable Political Targets:
    • George W. Bush fared very badly, usually represented as being intellectually about six years old (when describing him leaving a letter behind for his successor, Barack Obama, to read, they suggested he would leave behind the letter C. With a footnote: C is for cat). Sarah Palin took over this role starting in 2008.
    • Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrat party) was a favourite target, with jokes usually around his credibility or conscience. Or rather lack of either since he formed a coalition government with the Conservatives.
  • Accidental Innuendo: A common reason for the choice of newspaper clippings.
  • Funny Moments:
    • A panellist jokes about that Susan and Jeremy moving in together would be an interesting sitcom. "She, a crazy Scottish woman! He, her disgruntled political butler!" Sandi ad-libs "It's the Dyke Van Dick show!" and gives two points to herself for that. (Because Susan is a lesbian and Jeremy has a penis.)
    • When the panellists are reading out the clippings they've brought with them at the end of a 2004 episode, first-time guest Jack Dee announces he's chosen a cutting from "obviously a first-time listener". It's a funny picture.
    • From the first show of 2018, Miles Jupp adding to the discussion on rail-fares by noting trains in Europe remain unafflicted, but...
    Jupp: All trains there only go to other places in Europe, and are therefore worthless.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    Jeremy Hardy: I think we mistake sadness for depression, because life is basically sad, and its the failure to recognize that that leads to this sort of resentment and bewilderment [...] It is, it is, and [..] you know, people just suddenly think that the world owes it to them to be happy, and they're not happy and then they think well, why aren't I happy, and makes 'em angry and then they're depressed about the fact that they're angry and they're bitter about the fact that they're depressed, and this downward cycle; why don't they just accept that life is sad and cheer up, it's not forever.
    • Sandi confronting a group of misbehaving youths on a bus with "That will do!". They sat down and behaved for the rest of the journey.